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Announcement - Article Published

Robert Britting Interviewed by eyeforpharma 

Robert Britting, MBA, co-founder of AIM with Michael Kiyaga, CPA, has been interviewed by eyeforpharma, "a global provider of pharmaceutical business insights. As a respected hub for senior-level pharma executives to exchange ideas and stay up-to-date with shifting trends and practices within the industry, eyeforpharma’s mission is to make pharma more open and valued." 

How AIM is Designed to Work with Pharma & Healthcare Companies

Robert shares how the organization is working in Africa to train medical professionals and tens of thousands of villagers in Uganda.  He also describes how pharmaceutical companies can work with The African Institute of Medical Education (AIM).


Announcement - Humanitarian Award

Robert Britting Sr, MBA, Nominated for Humanitarian of the Year by Healthcare Marketer's Exchange

Bob, Co-Founder of The African Institute for Medical Education (AIM) with Michael Kiyaga, CPA, has been nominated for Humanitarian of the Year.  

Bob says "None of this would have happened especially without Michael Kiyaga, along with the AIM advisors including Ambassador Perezi Kamunanwire and the Health Minister, Dr. Bernard Kiwanuka.  Together, we created one of the most advanced medical education systems on the African continent.  Now, we must get on to helping those in Africa that need our help"

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Welcome to AIM

Why The African Institute for Medical Education (AIM) is important


"To evolve, emerging countries must have a number of core elements to grow and support their population's many needs.  Advanced healthcare knowledge is one of the most important."


(View 2 minute video below for more information)

AIM is an independent institution - there is nothing like it in Eastern Central Africa... nothing!
AIM medical education programs are developed in the United States and administered by the Health Minister from Buganda, a region representing between 9-10 million people in Uganda. 

AIM uses the most advanced medical education in the world to train medical professionals in very remote villages in Uganda where more than 90% of the population is seen and treated.

AIM's goal is to educate Nurses, Midwives and other medical professionals and adjusts learning to accommodate cultural differences.

AIM's education programs through village medical professionals can reach 200,000+ villagers every... single... year.  

AIM provides accreditation for medical professionals who pass rigorous testing. 



AIM Recognizes Donors

AIM will list the names of individuals and organizations having donated to AIM with their approval.


Survival & Lifesaving Training for Pregnant Women & Their Babies

AIM has already completed an Ebola pilot program in 3 remote villages - SEE THE VIDEOS BELOW FOR AN OVERVIEW.

AIM is focusing on expecting mothers, malnutrition, and their babies - treatment, diagnosis and triaging to specialists.

AIM will train more than 100 Nurses, Midwives, other medical professionals in remote villages under the guidance of the Health Minister.

AIM is planning to conduct training starting in December 2015 through March 2016, covering both diseases.

AIM intends to provide credits from The African Institute for Medical Education to medical professionals having passed testing.

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Short Video
Survival of Childbearing Age & Pregnant Women & Unborn Child, Malnutrition and Ebola Highlights
Detailed Video
Survival of Childbearing & Pregnant Women & Unborn Child, Malnutrition and Ebola Highlights
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